About Us

Dr. Peter Nortier was a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, a graduate of Baptist Christian University with a BA. He earned a Th. B. From Sacramento Baptist College and had a Doctorate from the College of Ministerial Arts in Nigeria. He pastored a Baptist church in Michigan for thirty five years and four others before going into radio full time. Having been an evangelist for several years, he had been called to preach in the Southeast and Southern United States, Canada and the West Indies. He was the Radio Pastor of the Mercies of God Association broadcasting God’s Sovereign Grace message in the United States and on shortwave radio wherever it reaches.

For all his education, Dr. Nortier was quick to say in his own words: “The knowledge given to me has come from study of the Word of God and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. I pastored three churches before the Lord saved me in 1960. I know what it means to have a head knowledge of the Bible and also to have a heart experience with the Lord.” He is the father of two grown children and was blessed with a lovely granddaughter. He resided with his beautiful wife, Rainey, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.